Routine Hygiene Appointments Can Be Critical in The Fight Against Oral Cancer

Covid-19 has presented many challenges to our health care system, which for dentists translates into increased cases of undiagnosed oral cancer.  As a byproduct of the lockdowns, as many as 10 million dental appointments were cancelled. Consequently, dentists were unable to conduct very critical routine oral, head and neck examinations which can potentially be lifesaving due to the early detection of cancer.

OMG PERIO knows that it is essential for patients to keep their scheduled appointments therefore we follow all Covid-19 Safety protocols along with adding enhanced infection control measures for the entire practice. By incorporating these procedures our patients feel safe and comfortable, giving them piece of mind during treatment.

Our Dental and Hygiene staff are always working towards serving you better as demonstrated by our commitment to learning new and improved methods of dental treatment and early detection of oral cancer. You will also notice that during your routine exam, our hygienist will carefully explain each procedure of treatment along with educating you about the signs of oral cancer.

OMG PERIO understands that vigilance is the key to oral cancer detection as illustrated by a story of a patient whose socket failed to heal following an extraction. As a result, the patient saw a series of different dentists on an emergency basis and each one irrigated and dressed the problematic socket.  Unfortunately, it was only the practitioner that reviewed all the notes and questioned why the socket had not healed who uncovered a deeper underlying problem.

OMG PERIO’s detailed notes and documentation demonstrates our comprehensive standardized methodology for oral cancer detection. We review all the clinical notes, including the patient’s social history, as well as evidence of negative and positive findings from the extra and intra-oral checks. Photographs and diagram mapping sites with dimensions of the areas of concern will all be incorporated in the patient’s thorough records. If any suspicions arise Dr. Glogauer is consulted to see if further investigation including biopsy may be required.

OMG PERIO’s top priority is to provide a safe environment so our patients feel comfortable at the practice.  We strive to provide optimal dental treatment that includes early cancer detection screening to keep our patients healthy and happy.

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